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Thailand e-Government Interoperability Framework Phase 5 (2011)

posted Feb 20, 2014, 10:11 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 20, 2014, 10:11 PM ]
Assignment name: Thailand e-Government Interoperability Framework Phase 5 (2011)  Approx. value of the contract (in current US$ or Euro):
0.3 million USD  
Country: Thailand Location within country: Bangkok, Thailand   Duration of assignment (months): 9 Months 
Name of Client: Ministry of Information and Communication Technology  Total NO. of staff-months of the assignment: 15 
Address: Government Complex (Building B) 6th-9th Floor 120 Moo 3 Chaengwattana Road, Laksi, Bangkok 10210  Approx. value of the services provided by your firm under the contract (in current US$ or Euro): 0.3 million USD  
Start date (month/year): November 2010 Completion date (month/year): July 2011   NO. of professional staff-months provided by associated Consultants: none 
Name of associated Consultants, if any:   Name of senior professional staff of your firm involved and functions performed (indicate most significant profiles such as Project Director/ Coordinator, Team Leader): Somnuk Keretho as a Project Director  
Narrative description of Project:
The project aims to develop the National Standardized Data Set/ Universal Core Set to be used as a central data repository for the information of the country and also registry system for a national e-Government performance (e.g. especially for health sector and agriculture sector). It improves technical standards for e-government modernization in alignment with changing technology.

Meanwhile, the initiative of Agriculture Disaster Relief Information System Project is conducted as part of Thailand e-Government Interoperability Framework Project (Phase 5) with the focuses on development of agriculture disaster relief information system aimed to provide timely assistance and services to farmers encountering natural disasters. The project develops software solutions, web-based software and computer applications and information/database management systems for use to administer the notification program for farmers to reimburse their qualified losses from natural disasters.  
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
• Study and encourage the establishment of a committee or federal agency for authority to regulate and standardize the e-Government interoperability
• Promote the development of data standards and prototype of e-Government interoperability systems following Thailand e-Government Interoperability Framework (TH-eGIF)
• Develop the National Registry System for services repository.
• Create understanding of governments on the process, data standards and technical under the framework of e-government interoperability
• Create awareness of process and benefits of standard and interoperability for public and private sectors as per Thailand e-Government Interoperability Framework (TH-eGIF)